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What Are The Different Flows Of The Logistics Strategy?

It is a key concept of the supply chain. Indeed, it is composed of different flows, physical and informational. Logistics flows thus include all the processes that stagger the life of a product, from its manufacture to its marketing, including its storage, packaging, transport, distribution, etc. In other words, each flow involves a certain number of steps, but […]

Termites were recognized as cockroaches

The Entomological Society of America recognized termites as cockroaches. In other words, termites finally became part of the order of cockroaches: in comparison with the volume of common signs, the differences were recognized as insignificant. KEEP IN MIND The first discovery that made scientists think about revising the classification was made back in the 30s of […]

Finding the right Contractor For Cold Storage

It is important to serve your customers with the right products at all times. For that reason, it is advised to find a good warehouse cold storage for keeping your products in their perfect state. The cold storage facility you choose will determine how efficient it would be to your business. All in all, if […]